The Weekend Leader - Microsoft's Edge browser gets 'tracking prevention'

Microsoft's Edge browser gets 'tracking prevention'

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 Microsoft has rolled out a "tracking prevention" feature, designed to protect users from being tracked by websites that they aren't accessing directly, to its new Chromium-based Edge browser.

"For now, tracking prevention must be enabled through Edge's experimental flags by heading to 'edge://flags#edge-tracking-prevention' and toggling the flag to 'Enabled'," the Windows Central reported on Thursday.

"Relaunch the browser, and you'll then be able to adjust your tracking prevention settings from the 'Privacy' portion of the main settings menu." 

Whenever a website is visited, trackers from other sites may save information in the browser using cookies and other storage mechanisms.

The "tracking prevention" is quite similar to the Enhanced Tracking Protection feature that Mozilla added to its Firefox browser in 2018; it was turned on by default for all users this spring.

But the mechanism is a little bit more complex. According to Microsoft, Edge's new "tracking prevention" feature is possible because of the addition of a new component known as Trust Protection Lists, according to a report in the ZDNet. IANS 

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