UP: SP revokes order to take Rs 100 from police officials



After a sharp reaction on social media, Lucknow Superintendent of Police (East) Suresh Chandra Rawat has taken back his order to charge Rs 100 from each police official in every police station as cleanliness fund with an immediate effect.

Rawat in an order on Monday had expressed the need to maintain a "cleanliness fund" register. He said the lack of funding affecting the cleanliness which is highly objectionable. 

After his order went viral on social media and drew sharp criticism, Rawat revoked his order. 

"The deduction of cleanliness fund from the salaries of those who live in police lines and police stations are frequent. However, those who live in barracks could not be charged. SP has been asked to amend his statement," senior public relation officer told IANS. 

Making his stand clear, Rawat said: "Those who live in police lines deposit their share. But the order is mentioned with all the police officials that is wrong. It was subjected to the officials living in police stations".