Goa CM should warn ministers also against corruption: Congress



Welcoming Chief Minister Pramod Sawant's open disclosure about bureaucrats demanding money for 'fixing' government jobs, state Congress President Girish Chodankar on Saturday questioned Sawant's silence about ministers accepting money for granting government jobs.

Chodankar also accused Sawant of being hypocritical about the issue of corruption, claiming that Sawant warns bureaucrats against indulging in corruption, but had endorsed the illegal venture of a cabinet minister by inaugurating his floating restaurant which allegedly does not possess permissions from the state pollution control board and the Goa Coastal Zone Management Authority.

"As a party, the Congress appreciates Sawant's warning to bureaucrats against corruption and seeking money for government jobs, but why is he not warning any of his ministers because they are the ones who finally sign off on appointments," Chodankar said.

Sawant on June 20 had said that his office had received complaints about bureaucrats seeking money for providing government jobs.

Chodankar in his press conference also stated that a floating restaurant in Panaji allegedly operated by a cabinet minister's son, which was inaugurated by Sawant recently, had been found operating illegally and accused the Chief Minister of endorsing corrupt practices and irregularities.

Chodankar said that "By inaugurating a floating restaurant which was illegal and had no Goa State Pollution Control Board clearance, what sign is Sawant giving bureaucracy? The vessel has disappeared from the jetty in Panaji just before the government inspection was to take place and is now anchored near Amona, which is the Chief Minister's constituency,".

The inspection was conducted by the officials of the Goa Coastal Zone Management Authority following a complaint by a local activist. IANS