The Weekend Leader - Park near Chennai closed after 'Free Fall Tower' accident

Park near Chennai closed after 'Free Fall Tower' accident



 The Tamil Nadu police on Friday ordered closure of Queensland Amusement Park located near the state capital following an accident on the ride called 'Free Fall Tower' injuring a dozen people, said police.

The accident happened on June 18 and the video of that went viral on Friday.

On seeing the video, the police carried out its inquiries and ordered the park's closure.

The ride 'Free Fall Tower' at the amusement park consists of two platforms adjacent to each other connected to a tall tower. The platforms are taken up to a considerable height with the riders. Then the platforms come down fast thrilling the riders.

On June 18, the cables holding one of the platforms that was coming down snapped about 10 ft from the ground level.

The riders suffered minor injuries. IANS 

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