The Weekend Leader - Sawant laments delayed liberation of Goa from Portugal

Sawant laments delayed liberation of Goa from Portugal



 Goa, which was liberated from Portuguese colonial yoke in 1961, would have progressed more, if it had been liberated 15 years earlier along with the Indian mainland in 1947, Chief Minister Pramod Sawant said on Tuesday.

Speaking on the occasion of Goa Revolution Day in Panaji, Sawant said: "Goa was liberated 15 years after India's independence. It pains our hearts to think, that if we had obtained independence along with India, we would have progressed more than we have today."

Goa Revolution Day is celebrated on June 18, to mark the anniversary of a speech by freedom fighter and socialist leader Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia in south Goa's Margao town, urging revolution against colonial Portuguese in 1946.

Sawant also said that it was imperative to not forget the contribution of freedom fighters who contributed to the eventual liberation of Goa by the Indian Armed Forces.

"Portraits of five freedom fighters will be installed at the state Secretariat. I also want to create a gallery of photographs of freedom fighters and arrange for screening of films related to the freedom struggle to show them to the youth," Sawant also said. IANS 

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