The Weekend Leader - Hong Kong holds dragon boat festival

Hong Kong holds dragon boat festival

Hong Kong


Hong Kong on Friday held the annual dragon boat festival with teams competing to race the traditional craft.

Events took place around Hong Kong, including the International Dragon Boat Championships in Stanley on the south side of the island, reports Efe news.

Each boat is crewed by a team of paddlers, plus a steer-person and a drummer to set the paddling rhythm.

The boats are decorated with dragon heads and tails during competitions.

The festival is held annually on the death anniversary of the poet and patriot Qu Yuan.

He drowned himself in a river due to his despair over the government during the Warring States period of ancient Chinese history. Locals rushed in their boats to try to rescue him but failed and the races are a re-enactment of the frantic efforts to save him.IANS 

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