TSMC begins production of 5 nanometre chips: Report



The Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, or TSMC, has begun risk production of 5 nanometre (nm) chipsets that would be featured in future super-efficient flagship smartphones and expects to be ready to begin mass production in the first half of 2020.

"The mass production of the new standard is scheduled for 2020 if everything goes as planned. This process will introduce chips that will have up to 45 per cent area reduction, also bringing a performance gain up to 15 per cent compared to the current 7nm chipsets. 

"The new standard will also bring improvements in the architecture and should allow manufacturers to employ bigger batteries and some new technology in future smartphones," the Giz China reported on Friday.

For chipsets coming out later this year, TSMC has the 7nm+ process ready. It should offer 6-12 per cent reduction in power consumption and 20 per cent higher transistor density compared to the current 7nm process.

There is plenty of customers that are already looking forward to the new standard. 

Apple for example only has TSMC as its main supplier until 2020, the company will likely be responsible for the chips inside the newer 2019 iPhones, the report added.