The Weekend Leader - Extramarks unveils personal mentor program to boost students' skills

Extramarks unveils personal mentor program to boost students' skills

New Delhi


Extramarks Education, a global EdTech company, on has announced the launch of Extramarks Achieve -- a unique program to tackle learning woes faced by students and improve their comprehension and confidence.

The program provides for personal Academic Gurus, who offer custom guidance and support to students. It aims to address the root of the many problems in the nation's education system: lack of personal attention due to abysmal teacher-student ratio, inadequate emphasis on self-study, absence of mentors to clear doubts and keep a check on progress.

"There is hardly any constructive support available to students when it comes to building personalised learning plans suited to their unique needs," said Atul Kulshrestha, Founder and CMD, Extramarks Education.

"With Extramarks Achieve, we create an academic profile for students, help them set individual academic goals and then appoint a Guru who can guide students towards the realisation of those goals." 

"Through Achieve, we also seek to reinforce the importance of self-study and look to meticulously guiding students towards academic success," he added.

Extramarks Achieve begins with a scientific assessment program called SNAAP -- Student Needs Analysis and Academic Profile. SNAAP helps identify the learning gaps and needs of a child, based on which an academic profile is built. 

Mapped to this academic profile, an appropriate Academic Guru is appointed, who charts an academic course for the student. 

Under Extramarks Achieve, a plethora of services are provided -- twice a week compulsory interactions, unlimited doubt-clearing sessions, practice tests and worksheets, motivation and mentorship, scheduling and planning studiesx, and emphasising on the importance of self-study.

Not just this, a monthly performance and progress report is also generated, which is shared with parents, in order to keep them apprised of their ward's performance. 

Due to integration with the Learning App by Extramarks, a student avails full benefit of the LPT (Learn-Practice-Test) pedagogy, which is focused on concept clarity.

The concept of Achieve functions on the 9-9-7 model, which means that from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. on all seven days of a week, the Academic Gurus are only a chat/mail/call away for the students. 

Extramarks has already implemented a team of over 300 experienced subject matter experts to guide the students and accompany them on the academic journey towards excellence. 

The program enables students to solve their doubts instantly, rather than waiting to meet the teacher next day in class, and potentially forgetting the doubt. 

A personal Guru also takes away the fear of being judged in public by serving as a friend, motivator and guide, all rolled into one.

"This is personalsation of education in its truest form," Atul Kulshrestha informs.

"With Extramarks Achieve, each student will get the academic support which they deserve. Our Academic Gurus are motivated educators, who hold student welfare and success paramount."

Launched on May 1, Extramarks Achieve is another game-changing offering. In a situation where the deep-set fears, worries and lack of understanding among individual students are hardly addressed, this new venture by Extramarks is poised to be a plausible solution to student woes. IANS

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