Want to chart new course in Pakistan ties: Modi to Sharif

New Delhi/Islamabad


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has replied to a letter from Pakistani premier Nawaz Sharif that he looks forward to working closely with Islamabad "in an atmosphere free from confrontation and violence in order to chart a new course" in bilateral ties.

"The prime minister has replied back to Sharif's letter," a source said in New Delhi Friday.

Sharif wrote the letter to Modi June 2 that he was satisfied with the bilateral talks they held during his visit to India to attend the prime minister's swearing-in ceremony May 26.

In his letter dated June 11, Modi wrote: "I was encouraged by our discussions on our bilateral relations and the convergence in our views."

"I was particularly delighted and honoured by your participation in the ceremony for the swearing-in of the new government," Dawn online quoted Modi as saying in the letter.

"I look forward to working closely with you and your government in an atmosphere free from confrontation and violence in order to chart a new course in our bilateral relations," the Indian prime minister said.

Modi thanked Sharif for the sari that he sent for his mother, "a gesture that she has deeply appreciated".

He expressed sorrow and condemnation over the loss of lives in the senseless and barbaric terror attack at Karachi international airport, the Pakistani daily reported.

Sunday night, a brazen terror attack was mounted at Karachi's Jinnah International Airport, in which 23 people were killed including 10 militants.

A second strike followed Tuesday when the Airport Security Force (ASF) Academy's camp near the Karachi airport came under attack from heavily-armed Taliban gunmen. The attackers managed to escape.

Besides mentioning the attack, Modi said that the relationship between India and Pakistan defined by peace, friendship and cooperation would unleash enormous opportunities for the youth, secure a more prosperous future for people and accelerate progress across the region.- IANS