The Weekend Leader - Jitin Prasada's sister find her vote is already cast

Jitin Prasada's sister find her vote is already cast



Former union Minister Jitin Prasada said on Monday that his sister was unable to vote because her vote had already been cast by the time she reached the polling booth in the Dhaurhara Lok Sabha seat in Uttar Pradesh.

"When my sister went to the polling booth, she found her name had been ticked and the presiding officer told her that vote had been cast. This is how fake voting is taking place," he said. 

He said that he would take up the matter with the Election Commission.

Meanwhile, the District Magistrate and Returning Officer Amrit Tripathi said her name was ticked due to the fault of a polling employee. He said Prasada's sister would be allowed to vote if she came to the polling centre again.

Congress spokesman Virendra Madan said in Lucknow that this incident showcased the extent of fake voting that was taking place in these elections. 

"This case has come to light but we have reports that several others have also been turned away on the grounds that their votes have been cast," he said.

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