Success story of Bihar's Sudha cooperative in NCERT book



The success story of Bihar's Sudha milk cooperative, which markets its products under the label "Sudha Dairy", has found place in the NCERT textbooks, officials Tuesday said.

Bihar State Cooperative Milk Producers' Federation (COMPFED) managing director Harjot Kaur said Sudha's success story has been published by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) in its geography textbook for Class 8.

"In a chapter on cooperative sector, Amul and Sudha are mentioned as shining examples of success in India," she said.

Harjot Kaur said it is a positive development that a chapter on cooperatives has highlighted the achievements of Sudha in the textbooks.

Millions of people in Bihar and outside are using Sudha's milk and other dairy products.

The COMPFED was established in 1983, and is an enterprise of the Bihar government.

The cooperative facilitates the procurement, processing, and marketing of the dairy products of Sudha, provides education to the unions on successful dairy processing, and assists in animal care, including artificial insemination, vaccination, and feeding. - IANS