Aadi Shakti will finish Azam Khan: Amar Singh (INTERVIEW)

Rampur (UP)


Comparing Samajwadi Party (SP) candidate from Rampur Azam Khan to Mahishasura, the buffalo demon of the Hindu mythology, Rajya Sabha member Amar Singh has said he would be destroyed by the Aadi Shakti that has arrived in his constituency.

In an interview with IANS on Monday, Singh said, "Azam Khan symbolises the perverted mindset of foreign invaders, like Chengiz Khan. He has always used crass and demeaning language against women, whether it' Mayawati or Noor Bano or anyone else. He threatened an acid attack on my daughters. He is the filth of Rampur and Jaya Prada symbolises women power. This Aadi Shakti (feminine power) will clear this dirt from Rampur." 

Questioning the silence of SP leader Dimple Yadav on Khan's lewd comments against his BJP rival Jaya Prada, he said, "Dimple Yadav is my daughter-in-law. Nasty comments about her or her clothes or that of anybody, be it Mayawati, Mamata Banerjee, Priyanka or Sonia Gandhi are condemnable. But it's wrong to believe that only Mayawati and Dimple are respectable women and only the dirt against them must be countered." 

Singh also reminded the SP of June 6, 1995, when its goons attacked a Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) meeting being attended by Mayawati at a guest house in Lucknow. "Mayawati herself accused Mulayam Singh Yadav and other SP leaders," he said. 

He also called the BSP chief's "fake Dalit" taunt at Prime Minister Narendra Modi "meaningless". "It's like somebody calling Mayawati a 'fake Dalit'. It is a wrong language to use. I respect Mayawati as a woman." 

"She thrice became the Chief Minister of UP, with the BJP support. In fact, her political career started with the BJP. Had it not been for the BJP, this Dalit woman politician would have never happened. But is there a comparison between her and Modi? Mayawati considers herself a goddess and seeks offerings. No one can say the same about Modi," he told IANS.

Pointing out that the Prime Minister washed the feet of sanitation workers at the Kumbh, Singh challenged the BSP chief to call a Dalit conference and attempt something similar. 

"In Gujarat, Mayawati called Muslims "radical". In Deoband, she asked them to vote for her. Modi is the leader of Dalits, higher castes and Muslims. It's wrong to call him anti-Muslim, just because there was one riot during his Chief Ministership. There were several riots under the so-called secular SP," he said. 

Attacking SP President and former UP Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav, Singh said, "If Modi is to be blamed for the Gujarat riots, Akhilesh is responsible for the Muzaffarnagar riots. The entire SP family was busy enjoying Saifai Mahotsav when Muslims were being killed in Muzaffarnagar. If Modi is responsible for deaths in Gujarat, then the SP and the Yadav clan are responsible for the killings in UP."

Taking another jibe at his erstwhile party colleagues, he said, "The Yadav clan starts searching for a seat for its children, just the way a family starts looking for a bride as soon as a boy grows up. I did this for Akhilesh. Now the same Akhilesh has usurped his father's chair in the party at Azam Khan's behest." 

"Neither am I a BJP member, nor am I campaigning for Jaya Prada. I was recuperating at home after treatment. But Azam Khan's antics forced me to speak out," he said.

Asked if Modi will get another term, Singh said, "No one can stop that from happening. He will become the Prime Minister and India will progress further. People see their future in Modi."IANS