Modi's role in BJP victory needs to be assessed: Advani

New Delhi


Stating that the BJP won the election on the issues of corruption, bad governance and dynastic rule, BJP veteran L.K. Advani Friday said the role of Narendra Modi and the RSS in the party's victory has "to be assessed".

"Bad governance, corruption and dynastic rules (of Congress) were the three main reasons why BJP won this election. We have won even where we never won before," Advani said Friday.

"How much role (Narendra) Modi's leadership has to play in it, how much contribution did the RSS make, has to be assessed," said the veteran leader who is one of the founder members of the party.

Advani was BJP's prime ministerial candidate in 2009 when it lost to the Congress-led UPA for a second time. However for the 2014 Lok Sabha poll, the party made Modi its prime ministerial candidate.

Sources close to the senior leader, however, said that Advani congratulated the Gujarat chief minister on the phone for the party's unprecedented victory.- IANS