Ticket system at Jagannath Temple in Odisha from New Year



The proposed ticket darshan system and fixation of rate chart of Mahaprasad (Abadha) will be introduced in Shree Jagannath Temple in Puri from January next year, said an official on Wednesday.

The reforms in the 12th-century shrine are being taken as per the suggestions of the Supreme Court.

Shree Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA) chief Pradipta Kumar Mohapatra said that the ticket system will be introduced for people, who wish to get a closer glimpse of the Trinity after crossing the inner barricade.

He also said that the existing free darshan system will remain unaffected.

The rates of the tickets will be finalised after a discussion with all groups of servitors at the managing committee meeting.

The temple administration will also introduce a new rate chart of Mahaprasad from the New Year.

The administration will introduce the new facility after a final discussion with Suar Mahasuar Nijog, a body of over 1,000 priest-cum-cooks, he added.

Sources said while 60 per cent of the tickets will be sold online, nearly 35 per cent of the tickets will be sold at the temple counter while five per cent of the tickets will be under the control of the chief administrator for use during emergency situations.-IANS