Car that runs on processed sewage!

New York


Turn your nose up first. Car maker Hyundai USA has announced a new vehicle this spring that is fueled by processed sewage!

Out for lease, the new Tucson Fuel Cell crossover vehicle runs on hydrogen gas derived from excreta.

For this innovative move, Hyundai looked at scientists working at University of California Irvine.

They were busy converting waste from toilets and sinks into hydrogen.

How did they do this?

The researchers from the National Fuel Cell Research Centre at University of California Irvine separated solids from water, fed to microbes that turned it into methane and CO2.

They then filtered some of methane gas and piped into a special device.

This hydrogen goes directly into a public pump for refueling vehicles, said media reports.

According to Hyundai USA, this vehicle can achieve better range and refuel faster than battery electric vehicles. - IANS