Vivek Dahiya hides phones on show's set



Actor Vivek Dahiya says he hides phones of his show's teammates "just for fun".

He plays an intense role in "Qayamat Ki Raat", but it seems like he is quite a prankster off-screen.

"Most of us are always glued to our smartphones during breaks. That is one thing most of us can't do without. I randomly started hiding their phones or replacing them with duplicate ones that we often use while shooting... just for the fun of it," Vivek said in a statement.

"Karishma (Tanna), Mehul (Nisar) have all been victims. I once tried to reach for my creative's mobile. In a bid to save it, she kind of dropped it and we got into a light-hearted argument of sorts. It has now become a habit," he added.

He called the show's team "one big family now who spend time together between breaks".-IANS