Mankind has forgotten art of living due to technology: Life coach



Mankind has forgotten the art of living and feeling successful in this era of technological boom, said a renowned life coach.

"Mankind has seen a lot of success but now the pitiable situation is that the people are swallowing pills to sleep. The stable peaceful mind of a human being, a basic need, has become a luxury today. Had money been everything there would have been no stress and depression," Gaur Gopal Das said at the launch of his debut book, "Life's Amazing Secrets - How to Find Balance and Purpose in Your Life", here on Friday.

In the book, Das delves into concepts ranging from the human condition to finding one's purpose in life and the key to lasting happiness. 

Das, an electrical engineering graduate turned life coach, noted that India was a fast-growing economy.

"I see a civilisation of living walking corpses and zombies who can't feel, be peaceful and experience joy. They are running behind money, better cars, better phones and what not. They have mastered the art of being successful but do not feel it," he said.

He mentioned that the theme of his book is not just based on being successful but it teaches how to feel successful.

"Being successful is about having and feeling is about living. We are so carried away about having that we forget living," he said.

He urged people to live by the subjective time (one's experience) as objective time (number of hours) was the same for everyone and one's experience determined happiness.-IANS