Promotions, marketing nothing comes first, it is all about a good story: Shoojit Sircar



Prioritising the importance of the content, critically acclaimed Indian filmmaker Shoojit Sircar on Friday said the money spent on extensive marketing should rather be used for something else.

"Nothing comes first, it is all about a good story. If a good story is catered to the audience they would definitely watch. I don't do extensive promotion for my films as I don't believe in it," Sircar said while answering the press here at 24th Kolkata International Film Festival.

He feels that it is important to make the trailer very nicely, as the audience, Sircar included, decides on watching a film based on the trailer.

"I actually feel that Bollywood people waste money in marketing a film. It would be great if this amount of money is spent on some other work," Sircar said.

'October', the recent release of the director ho has films like 'Yahan', 'Vicky Donor' and 'Piku' to his credit, has been invited for a special screening at the festival in Kolkata.

According to Sircar, the boom of digital content is beneficial.

"The biggest advantage of digital content is that one's film gets a long shelf-life. Videos stay in the digital platform and they can be accessed anytime. I will definitely explore this platform in near future," he said.

Currently, the issue of censorship is looming on digital platforms as well.

"First we will have to see how the rules of censorship are being formed. I feel the resolution that is there for films will not be similar in case of digital. On the other hand, I feel that a little bit of censorship is not bad in a country like ours".-IANS