The Weekend Leader - Angad Bedi misses 'dear friend' Yuvraj Singh

Angad Bedi misses 'dear friend' Yuvraj Singh



 Actor Angad Bedi has revealed that his "best friend" Yuvraj Singh is upset with him for not telling him about his wedding with Neha Dhupia earlier this year.

Angad spoke about this on the third season of Saavn's podcast #NoFilterNeha, in which his wife interviews him.

He said: "My best friend did post an Instagram post very recently on Friendship Day and I read that post. Yuvi's quote was something like, 'Just my take on people and who I thought were friends, after the experience, I would like to say I love my dogs more'... It was something like that. I just thought it was a bit immature. But he is entitled to his opinion, so it's fine."

Angad and Neha surprised the film fraternity, their fans and the media with the announcement of their hush-hush wedding in May. The Anand Karaj ceremony in a Gurudwara in south Delhi was attended by close family members, apart from Ajay Jadeja, Ashish Nehra and Gaurav Kapoor.

In hindsight, Angad said: "It was my fault and I say this very openly that I should've given him more time but then unfortunately for us the decision making was so sudden. He has his reasons to be upset and I really love him but if you want me to say what our relationship is right now, yes, it's not the same and I hope in due course it does get better because I miss him. He is a dear friend of mine."

The episode will go live on Tuesday.-IANS

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