The Weekend Leader - Jason Blum booed for anti-Trump comments

Jason Blum booed for anti-Trump comments

Los Angeles


Amidst the US midterm elections, producer Jason Blum was booed off the stage at the Israel Film Festival for making anti-Trump remarks.

Blum, who was to be honoured at the festival, quit the stage in the middle of his acceptance speech, reports

"A lot is on the line, the last two years have been hard for all of us who cherish the freedom as citizens of this country. The great thing about this country is that you can like Trump, but I don't have to, and I can say what I feel about it and I don't like it," Blum said.

But Blum's speech did not go well with the audience as booing and shouting continued to increase while he was receiving the group's Achievement in Film and Television Award.

And a man, later identified as Yossi Diba, stepped on the stage and attempted to pull Blum out.

"Enjoy Athe movie, and I love and respect all of you. Now I am being physically removed, which is why Trump is not the right guy," the producer said.-IANS

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