The Weekend Leader - 'Governments should enable legislators to cope with technological advances'

'Governments should enable legislators to cope with technological advances'

New Delhi


Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan on Friday warned people against the impact of automation technology and urged governments across the country to enable legislators to address the challenges emerging with it.

Speaking at the Parliamentary Forum and Speakers Summit in Buenos Aires in Argentina, she said: "Machines may automate work but man is not about work or job only. We also need love, care, compassion and empathy. So machines can never completely replace human beings.

"Parliamentarians have a great responsibility in urging their respective governments to address the emerging challenges thoughtfully and imaginatively."

"They must come out with enabling legislations and policy interventions to cope with the impact of technological advances and automation on the lives of the people," she added.

She mentioned that the expert opinion is divided on the impact of automation technology like artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, blockchain.

"Though the threat of loss of jobs for unskilled workforce is looming large, yet new jobs would be created in newer areas along with improvement in quality of life for the people," she said, adding that flexibility in working hours and place could bring opportunities and empower the women and the disabled, leading to more inclusive growth.

She also said the Central government has made large investments in the infrastructure sector -- highways, renewable energy, urban transport, affordable housing. 

"The overall push for entrepreneurship through innovative schemes such as Stand-Up India, Start-Up India, Digital India is also beginning to positively impact jobs and opportunities for livelihoods," she said.-IANS

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