The Weekend Leader - Scuffle between advocate, relative inside court, FIR lodged

Scuffle between advocate, relative inside court, FIR lodged

New Delhi


An advocate got into a scuffle with her brother's wife within the court compound on Saturday. The police have lodged cross FIRs.

While the bar association has complained about delayed action, the advocate involved in the scuffle said she had no complaints against the police. 

Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Meghna Yadav said the incident happened around 10.30 a.m. in the Karkardooma Court, where Aruna Singh is fighting her brother's divorce case. 

A few lawyers, she said, went to the nearest police station and started "screaming" at the Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) even after he had sent two women police personnel to deal with the matter. 

The DCP refused to comment on the behaviour of the lawyers. "But I can guarantee that the ACP behaved in the most appropriate manner and in spite the provocation, he restrained himself," she said.

According to the Shahdara Bar Association, Singh, the advocate fighting her brother's case, was among the lawyers who approached the police station to protest their "inaction".

Association president Pramod Nagar condemned the incident, but said no inquiry was initiated by him as "the matter was between women belonging to one family". 

"The incidents in the court and at the police station are condemnable. The police will investigate and take action."

Singh, however, told IANS that the police reached "within half hour after we called up and action was taken immediately".

She expressed disappointment at the current security situation in the city courts.

"How can someone attack a lawyer inside the courtroom? There is a certain decorum that everybody is supposed to follow. It's high time the bar council provided its female advocates some security."

"She may be my relative, but this is no way to behave inside the court."

The police said that both the women had injuries and bite marks. -IANS

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