The Weekend Leader - Anand Tiwari, Amritpal produce 'Imperfect'

Anand Tiwari, Amritpal produce 'Imperfect'



 Still and Still Media Collectives (SSMC) Anand Tiwari and Amritpal Singh Bindra have produced the upcoming comic-adventure "Imperfect".

"Imperfect" revolves around a 24-year-old girl Isha Sanghvi, whose life takes a massive turnaround unexpectedly and soon she realises she has to build her life from scratch. 

The Zoom Studios show unfolds Isha's pursuit of perfection in life and the misadventures that follow.

Anand and Amritpal have been appreciated for popular movies and series like "Love Per Square Foot" and "Girl in the City".

"At SSMC, our development team is constantly looking out for stories that resonate with the widest possible audiences. When the story of 'Imperfect' came from one of our team members, we dwelled into making it into a seasonable series," Anand said in a statement.

"The show is about an imperfect girl with a fabulous imperfect story. She will win over your hearts and I am certain that, people, especially the millennials and Gen Zs would ask for some extremely relevant questions about the notion of being perfect and the fairytale romance every person waits for."

Amritpal is excited and proud to present "Imperfect". 

"SSMC is always focused on telling great stories and we hope that this show is another testament to that philosophy," he added.

It will premiere on zoOm Styled by Myntra and The Zoom Studios YouTube Channel soon.- IANS

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