The Weekend Leader - Stormy Daniels' memoirs detailing Trump affair on sale

Stormy Daniels' memoirs detailing Trump affair on sale



The memoirs of porn actress Stormy Daniels, whose alleged relationship with US President Donald Trump a decade ago has turned American politics upside down for months, have gone on sale.

In "Full Disclosure", Stormy Daniels has narrated her life stories ranging from her childhood trauma in Louisiana to the alleged relationship with Trump, the latter of which she recounted in detail.

Her first encounter with Trump, according to the memoirs, was back in 2006 at a golf tournament. Daniels developed a relationship with Trump, which was initially supposed to remain professional as, according to the current President, he wanted her to star in his reality show "The Apprentice".

Daniels has also recounted one of her meetings with Trump, during which she heard him talking on the phone with Hillary Clinton, who at that time was competing in the Democratic primary battle against former President Barack Obama.

"I love her," Trump said as he hung up, according to Daniels.

One chapter, which was revealed by the British press a few days earlier, narrated the only occasion that Daniels and Trump allegedly had sex.

Daniels also says that she was threatened by Trump's ex-lawyer Michael Cohen and that she bought a new horse trailer with the $130,000 that Trump paid her to keep the alleged affair a secret.- IANS

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