Miss Universe 2012 lauds Sulabh

New Delhi


Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Frances Culpo Saturday praised the effort of India's Sulabh movement for helping restore human rights and dignity of those once involved in manual scavenging.

"Now today they are standing with us. Really, this is true selfless service to both humanity and mankind," said Olivia Frances Culpo, who at the time of winning her title was enrolled as a student at Boston University in the US.

She visited the Sulabh headquarters here in the national capital and met liberated manual scavengers and women from deprived sections of society.

"I have also met students of the Sulabh Public School, many of whom are from the deprived communities, and I am really happy to see that they are being given English- medium education, to bring them into the mainstream of society," Culpo said.

Culpo also champions the cause of those suffering with HIV/AIDS, and says she would like patients to know that there are people who care for them.

Sulabh, founded by Bindeshwar Pathak in 1970, is a non-profit social service organisation that aims at the emancipation of manual scavengers. Drawing inspiration from Mahatma Gandhi, the organisation aims at the elimination of social discrimination and the end of the practice of untouchability in India. - IANS