'70 percent of cancer in children curable

New Delhi


In an effort to address the lack of awareness on the importance of paediatric cancer care in India, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals and Cankids, a national society for children with cancer, organized the sixth edition of the National Childhood Cancer Scholarship Programme in New Delhi recently.

The main goal of the event was to deliver a strong message to society that cancer is a disease that can be tackled with a positive attitude and spirit.

The program honored the children who showed exceptional will and determination to succeed and excel, despite their battle with cancer.

About 810 children from 32 hospitals across the country participated in the program, out of whom 19 were conferred with scholarships for excellence in academics, creative arts and music.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr.Amita Mahajan, Senior Consultant- PediatricHemotology& Oncology, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals and Vice-President, Cankids said, “Over 40,000 cases of childhood cancers are reported in the country every year.”

She said the common cancers among children were acute lymphomia, leukemia, brain tumor, bone tumor and tumor of bone and kidney, among others.

“The cause for many cancers is unknown, though theories point to genetic and environmental factors,” Dr. Amita said.

She said that there is an increased awareness about cancer in children in the society, leading to early diagnosis.

“Today, we can cure more than 70 per cent of all cancers in children. The survival of cancer-affected children is improving in the country and we are catching up with developed nations in this regard,” she said.

The program was an occasion to recognize and salute the indomitable courage and bravery of children suffering from cancer who have either survived the disease or are still undergoing the treatments. It was also a platform to motivate and encourage those children who have fought cancer and emerged as winners. – TWL Bureau