Jadhav was abducted from Iran, says Baloch activist

New Delhi


Alleged Indian spy Kulbhushan Jadhav, who is languishing in a Pakistani jail, was kidnapped from Chabahar in Iran by mercenaries at the behest of the ISI and was taken to Pakistan, Baloch activist Mama Qadeer has said.

In an interaction with Indian news channel CNN-News18 aired on Thursday, Qadeer claimed that Jadhav was abducted by Mullah Omar Baloch Irani, who is known to work for Pakistani spy agency Inter Services Intelligence (ISI), from Iran's port city Chabahar.

Baloch got the information from the activists of ‘Voice for Missing Balochs' -- an organisation of which he is the Vice President -- who he claimed witnessed the kidnapping.

"Kulbhushan Jadhav was kidnapped from Chabahar in Iran by Mullah Omar Baloch Irani. Our coordinators were there. ISI paid Mullah Omar crores of rupees to kidnap Jadhav," Qadeer said.

Irani, Qadeer said, is infamous in Balochistan as an ISI agent and was known to abduct Baloch activists fighting Pakistani rule over the sprawling province.

Giving further details, Qadeer said Jadhav's hands were tied, he was blindfolded and pushed into a double-door car. 

From Chabahar, he was taken to Mashkel, a town on the Iran-Balochistan border. From there he was brought to the Balochistan capital Quetta and subsequently to Islamabad.

"We knew that Kulbhushan Jadhav was a businessman in Iran... The ISI declared that they caught Jadhav in Balochistan. In fact, Jadhav didn't even come to Balochistan," Qadeer added. - IANS