Two Jaipur teachers suspended for spelling errors in Modi passage



Two government school teachers in Jaipur have been suspended after the question paper framed for the Class 10 half-yearly exams, that included a section on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, was found replete with errors.

Speaking to IANS, Ratan Singh Yadav, District Education Officer, said the teachers who framed the question paper have been suspended with immediate effect. The teachers suspended are Sarita Yadav and Ritu Bhargav. 

He said action has also been taken against the firm which printed the question paper. "All the terms and conditions mentioned in the contract will be looked into and suitable action will be taken against the firm," said Yadav.

Students were in for a shock when they saw the question paper full of spelling and factual errors.

In the examination paper on Monday, there was a passage on the life sketch of Prime Minister Modi, which described him as a "croad puller" instead of crowd puller. He is also described as a "spoker", instead of speaker, while defining his characteristics. It also called him "the most sovy political leader of India", instead savvy. Gujarat was spelt as Gujrat. The next passage on "little boy" had spelling errors. It had the question: "What kind of the boy was?"

In the passage, obese was spelt as "obessed" and violence as "voilence". - IANS