Talks on to expand clean leather technology in India: UNIDO



In a bid to apply clean tanning technologies to the leather industry, discussions are on to expand 'hair saving' technology to clusters across India, a UNIDO official said here on Wednesday.

As many as eight pilot projects demonstrating as many clean technologies are running in 21 tanneries in Kanpur city, said M. Vishwanathan, national project coordinator, India of the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation.

"The raw hide hair when it dissolves in water contributes to pollution. So we have used a technology called hair save as it saves the hair from going into the water," Vishwanathan said here on the sidelines of CII Green Industry Conclave.

"We have introduced to tanneries for the first time in India. We already had a discussion with the government and there is a positive indication so we are planning to take it forward. The project is sponsored by the government of India," he said.

Vishwanathan said the hair can be put to use.

"It becomes organic waste and it can be composted ," he said.

Discussions are on to apply the technology to four clusters - Bengal, Jalandhar (Punjab), Chennai and Uttar Pradesh.

Vishwanathan explained changing mindset of workers is a major challenge while executing new technological interventions.

"That is why we went for pilots so they could see the results and then consider using them," he added. - IANS