Residents to take call on liquor shops in Delhi

New Delhi


The Delhi government on Tuesday decided that residents will take a "call" on the presence of liquor shops in their areas.

"The residents of a particular area can now vote out a liquor shop from their area if they face harassment because of the existence of the shop in their area," the government said in a statement.

It also said that liquor shops would face public scrutiny if there were problems to the residents. 

The government communique also said that the residents would now be free to approach their MLAs and district administration with complaints against liquor vends. 

"Thereafter, the MLA in coordination with the administration will call a meeting of the residents/RWAs and deicide on the future of the liquor shop through a voting and hearing," it said. 

"Once the voting process and hearing is done, the local police and department of excise will submit a report for the closure of the particular shop," the government said.

The government said two liquor shops were voted for closure on October 16 in Rohini. They were located in Sectors 16 and 17.

The residents of the two sectors had approached their MLA, Mahendar Goyal, against the two liquor shops.

"The MLA, in coordination with the local administration and other stakeholders, called for a meeting of the residents and RWAs at the Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM) Office on October 16. 

"A large number of residents participated and hearing was done. The residents voted out the two liquor joints and majority recommended their closure," it said. - IANS