Demon as 'fake doctor' stirs controversy in Kolkata Durga Puja



Amid a massive crackdown by the West Bengal CID to net fake doctors, a controversy erupted at a Durga Puja celebration here on Saturday over a depiction of the demon 'asura' as a doctor.

The marquee of Mohammed Ali Park Durga Puja showcases a demon in the garb of a doctor -- with a doctor's white coat and stethoscope -- signifying the menace of fake doctors.

The organisers were forced to put up a disclaimer (in the form of a placard) over the figure of the doctor following protests by the Indian Medical Association (IMA) West Bengal chapter.

Santanu Sen, State Secretary IMA Bengal, had asked the organisers to "rectify" the same within 24 hours, ahead of the marquee's inauguration on Sunday, warning of the "worst possible consequences."

"We have hung a placard clarifying that we are against the demon-like fake doctors but we respect the real ones. Our theme was to showcase the evil in society and not to harm anyone's reputation or insult the physicians' fraternity," Dinesh Bajaj of the Mohammed Ali Park puja committee said. - IANS