Swiss hotel's signs for Jews spark row



Israel has expressed anger to the Swiss government after a hotel in Switzerland put up signs telling Jewish guests to shower before using the swimming pool.

The sign in English, at Apartmenthaus Paradies in the mountain resort of Arosa, triggered much criticism. Another sign told Jewish guests to use a refrigerator only at certain times, the BBC reported on Tuesday.

Israel's deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely called it "an anti-Semitic act of the worst and ugliest kind". The hotel removed the signs later, reports said.

A photo of the shower sign was tweeted, after an Orthodox Jewish guest spoke about it on Israel's Channel 2 TV.

The guest at the hotel said: "The staff were really very nice to us. But one morning I came down and saw this sign. I was shocked!"

"To our Jewish guests, women, men and children, please take a shower before you go swimming," it said, adding that "if you break the rules I'm forced to cloes [sic] the swimming pool for you".

Hotovely said she had discussed the "anti-Semitic" case with Israel's Ambassador to Switzerland, who told her the signs had now been removed. However, she said those responsible should be punished, as a deterrent.

The sign in the hotel kitchen said: "To our Jewish guests: You are allowed to approach the fridge between the hours: 10.00-11.00 in the morning and 16.30-17.30 in the evening. I hope you understand that our team does not like to be disturbed every time."

The hotel management was quoted as saying by the BBC that there was "no anti-Semitic intent" and "we have no problem with Jewish guests at the hotel".

Ruth Thomann, responsible for the shower sign, said her choice of words had been a mistake. She said some Jewish guests had gone swimming with clothes, such as T-shirts, on and had not showered first, the report said. - IANS