India denies China's claim of troop pullout in Doklam

New Delhi


India has not pulled out its troops in Doklam where they are locked in a stand off with the Chinese army for nearly two months, government sources said on Wednesday, rebuffing a claim by China that fewer Indian troops were stationed in the area in Sikkim sector.

"Status quo continues, there has been no pullout," government sources said.

China in a statement on Wednesday claimed there were around 400 Indian troops in the area "at one point", and by end of July there were 40 Indian border troops and one bulldozer "illegally staying over Chinese territory".

Troops of both countries are locked in a stand off along the border in Sikkim sector, after China attempted road construction in Bhutanese territory around mid-June. China has demanded that India withdraw its troops for dialogue to begin, while New Delhi says that both sides should simultaneously withdraw troops. - IANS