The Weekend Leader - UFO over Russia?

Did a UFO fly over Russian airspace?



Vol 2 | Issue 43

A burning object, a smoke trail and six mysterious red dots were reportedly seen in the sky over two Russian towns.

The pilot of a London-Moscow flight reported spotting the "burning object" followed by a smoke trail travelling at high speed over Gagarin town in western Russia, The Sun reported.

In 1972, American astronauts on board Apollo 16 spotted an object that resembled "Hollywood’s version of a spacecraft from another world” (see image), but NASA denied that it was a UFO (Photo courtesy: NASA)

An hour later, six red dots were seen in the sky, hundreds of kilometres away in Siberia.

"Leaving a supermarket with my daughter, I saw six moving red dots in the sky. First, it crossed the sky from west to east, then one flew separately, and the rest at some point stayed almost on the same spot," a witness, Andrey Filipov, said.

The Russian defence ministry has denied reports of any stray missiles or other military objects in the vicinity of Gagarin. – IAN S

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