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"Those who keep asking, 'will this work?,' die without finding out whether it will"

S Sreeram


Vol 3 | Issue 5

Since the Delhi gang-rape incident, 18 people have so far asked me:

"Will self-defence techniques actually work for an 'average girl' against a group of men?"

Learning provides you the tools. Practice makes you an expert. Sreeram (left) training a young woman

My answer is -
" Those who keep asking, "Will this work?" die without finding out whether it will."

Learning provides you the tools.
Practice makes you an expert.
Pushing yourself out of the comfort-zone makes you superior.
and above all..
Introspection makes you realistic

That's too true of all arts. The same hierarchy applies to learning to fight also. So, every input in learning has an output in application, which is reasonably proportionate. Whether its Singing, Tennis, Medicine, Drama, Astronomy or KravMaga. If you have a natural aptitude to that field, the progress will be better than your peers.

Decide at which level you want to play* and put in the required effort.

You will find out if "This will work?".

Having pissed you off by stating, "one can't expect results without effort" let me now try and please you by giving you ...

The Secret of Street fight


For a girl fighting men, it means running around, throwing things at him, screaming at the top of the voice. If he is on you, claw, bite and kick. Go for the eyes and groin, which are soft parts.

Will that stop the rapist?

No, it may not.

If you are imagining the rapist will be knocked out cold, you are wrong.
At the most if the girl is lucky, the rapist may be temporarily blinded. Or he may be holding his groin in pain.

If that doesn't happen, at least he may hesitate to come near you again.

Delaying is also tactically useful, since most of the rapists don't want to get caught.

The girl's chances are better now. She can again start screaming and running away.

Now, you have more questions?

"What if there are 3 people attacking the girl?"
“What if the rapist punched the girl on the nose and she faints?"

My answer to persistent cynics who question whether a girl really needs to learn any self-defence technique at all, you could add an endless list of questions, but none of it stands a better chance either when it comes to dealing with a rapist.

The writer is a Krav Maga instructor based in Chennai. Krav Maga is a practical self-defense art which prepares you in a short duration for street reality – where there are no rules. (* Sreeram is offering a free 1 hour workshop on practical aspects of "Personal safety of Woman" this week-end in Chennai. You may contact him at +91-9340006600 for more information.)

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