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Just wait till the BJP comes to power: Anna Hazare



Vol 0 | Issue 1

We are introducing an occasional column ‘Mixie-Grinder TV’, which is a spoof on events that make headlines in the national media. In the inaugural column, we have an interview with Anna Hazare, who spoke to our Chief Correspondent Barnab Goswami. Excerpts from the interview. 

Annaji, what is your plan in Hisar?

We want to defeat the Congress. The party is not implementing the Jan Lokpal bill. Democracy is dead in India. Did you see the size of the crowd that turned up during my fast in Delhi? The majority of the people are with me. They want the Jan Lokpal bill to be passed. Why is the Congress refusing to listen to the people of India? Don’t you remember the wise words of Kiran Bedi, “Anna is India, India is Anna?”

But Annaji, a parliamentary standing committee is also examining some other versions of Lokpal bills. Isn’t it only fair that the government also looks into the merits of the other drafts before it takes a final decision? Shouldn’t you give them some more time?

Well, I told you. Democracy is dead. Corruption has ruined this country. The Lok Pal we have envisaged will wipe out corruption from the country. It will solve every problem we are facing in this country. India will become a superpower. (Clap, clap.. his supporters cheer him!)

Is the Congress alone to be blamed for corruption? What about the BJP?

How many times should I make this clear? We oppose the BJP also.

Your critics say you have an understanding with the BJP and the RSS. Digvijay even says you are going to be BJP’s presidential candidate...

You are asking too many questions (raises his voice). Have you taken money from the government? The Jan Lokpal bill that we have proposed will tackle all corrupt forces that question the anti-corruption movement of Team Anna. Just wait till the BJP comes to power!

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