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Simi Mehta


Vol 0 | Issue 1

Recently, I attended a wedding in the family. I love celebrations and above all, meeting people! A wedding, filled with all the ingredients that I cherish about life, was a perfect break that I longed for quite some time! Two days of a typical big scale Indian wedding and my mind is already brimming with lots of fascinating stories, observations and experiences!

I met a gorgeous old couple -in their late seventies and for two consecutive days of celebrations I was completely blown over by their youthful attitude and divine chemistry. In my experience, old people are inherently entrenched in memories of their glorious days and obsessed with their health issues. Here was a couple lost in each other, participating in every possible ceremony with sparkle in their eyes. Be it traditional sangeet, mehndi or dance, they were having a blast and all the eyes were marvelling this couple defying age with their infectious enthusiasm!

There was something magnetic about the couple that I was tempted to take every opportunity to interact with them. They told me how they vouched to have best time of their life ever since their children settled in their respective lives and renewed their commitment for each other on their 50th wedding anniversary. While having conversation with the old lady, she blushed pointing at the gold wrist watch and showed me the message engraved on it that read, " grow old along with me, the best is yet to be ". She looked at her husband and proudly told me that the watch was a gift from him on their first marriage anniversary! Her every movement, tonal nuance and expression resonated in perfect harmony with her husband and his one gaze conveyed everything to her so beautifully!

I always love interacting with old people and children as it gives a completely different perspective of life. This couple consciously lived the motto of living every single day, as if it was their last! There was a lovely halo to their faces that comes from contentment derived from life well lived.

It was easy to be carried away by the opulence and grandeur at the wedding but I engaged myself in knowing this old couple, I was very fortunate to meet. They were a proof that time is the ultimate test of love. There are many ways we love our spouse but it takes lot of time to know and love each other in most meaningful ways! I learnt what celebrating life really means.

As the wedding celebrations were getting over, everybody went on the floor for one last dance. As the old lady had problem with her knees, the gentleman asked me for the dance and I couldn't resist that tempting offer. That was one of the best dances of my life that I will always cherish!

Simi Mehta is a Mumbai based blogger

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