The Weekend Leader - Fragrant Flowers

Bhupinder Singh


Vol 0 | Issue 1

Children are the flowers,
in the garden of life
created divinely to remind of his
presence, on earth
Children cheer you up,
 when it seems like the end of the world
The little finger that holds your hand,
 to remind you that everything will be all right
The eyes that dream the dreams of life,
everything is possible and nothing beyond reach


Truly the children, are God in another form
gifts that you have in your life,
feed them the fertile thoughts to nourish
and not pollute the innocent minds ,
with the clever adult thoughts
The children are the future of the world,
build them to grow and flourish,
not as objects of your pride and display
turning them into something,
 you could not be
A manifestation of your unfulfilled,
desires and dreams
Don't live your life through them


Give them a chance to be
Trust, believe and let them grow,
to be the fragrant flowers of life,
till plucked by the hands of the divine 


Bhupinder Singh is an emerging poet and writer born in India. He is currently residing in Windsor, a small Canadian town 

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