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An unforgettable romantic drive on the Mumbai — Pune Expressway

Shaheen Bootwalla


Vol 0 | Issue 1

Travelling on the Mumbai- Poona Expressway is a pleasure. You can drive at 80-90 km/h for miles with your favorite music playing on the stereo, and enjoy the lush greenery (for the most part), the hills and mountains surrounding you. It is very easy to forget all your woes and relax, living in the moment. That is just what I did recently. The husband and I set off for a long drive, just the two of us. Things were good. We were reveling in each other’s company; the sweltering heat of the mid-morning sun did not bother us in the least. Thirteen years we have been together and I am sure that we were both thinking about just how wonderful our life together has been thus far.

That’s when it happened, without any warning. A loud BANG, a tremendous jolt, an ear-shattering, deafening, screeching sound, the smell of burning rubber, and the realization that something truly horrific has happened, and all this in a matter of seconds.

Our car was veering dangerously out of control; our steering wheel took on a life of its own. It dawned on us then - WE HAD A BURST TYRE AND WE WERE ZIPPING AT HIGH SPEED. I was totally panic stricken, and overcome by complete, undisguised, unfathomable terror. I hate to admit it, but I do not do well under pressure. No. Not at all.

The husband on the other hand remained calm and composed, just like he always is. I do not know how, but, he managed to control the car (which was still perilously veering in all different directions), and brought it down from 80 km/h to 20 km/h and finally brought the rampaging machine to a halt. That was it. It was over. We were safe! Thank you God!

Just before the horrible experience, I had seen 2 signs on the way cautioning: “BURST TYRES ARE A MAJOR REASON FOR ACCIDENTS ON THE EXPRESSWAY. DRIVE SAFELY.” However, I did not pay much heed to them; because, somehow, you never seem to think that it would apply to you - till it does.

The entire episode lasted hardly15 seconds. Think about it! 15 seconds was the time it would have taken to change our fates forever. 15 seconds… between life and death.

We were lucky, very lucky; although, I believe that it was more than luck that got us through this ordeal unharmed. I believe it was the collective blessings and love of our family and friends. For this, I want to take the time to thank you all. Thank you and I love you.

Why did I feel the need to share this with you? Simply because I wanted to tell everyone that when you undergo a life-changing experience like this, when you feel that you are on the brink, it is surprising how many emotions pass through your mind. I have been humbled by it all. There are so many things you still need to do, so many words that have been left unspoken, so many wrongs that need to be set right. Suddenly all the bickering and complaining about how unfair life has been seem so petty and trivial. Life takes on a whole new perspective. If there is something you mean to do or something that needs to be said, do it now! You have but one life people. Live it!

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