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Vol 6 Issue 8, Feb 20 - 26, 2015
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Women builders

Does an all-woman construction workers team sound like a dream? Well, Pipal Tree Ventures has managed to put together such a team that is building agri-warehouses. Smita Deodhar speaks to Santosh Parulekar, the man who trains the builders

  Posted   16-Feb-2015  Vol 6  Issue 7
Post delivery

To help new mothers deal with motherhood, which is a cocktail of emotions, wellness expert Namita Jain has written a book, Post Baby Bounce. This excerpt speaks about post-partum depression

  Posted   16-Feb-2015  Vol 6  Issue 7
Winter home

Pong Dam wetland has emerged as a favoured winter resort for migratory birds, especially the endangered bar-headed geese. The man-made wetland hosted over 130,000 birds, says Vishal Gulati

  Posted   16-Feb-2015  Vol 6  Issue 7
Sunny future

Solar power is essential to provide electricity to the entire nation, feel the honchos at Center for Study of Science, Technology and Policy, who find the off-grid solar targets achievable

  Posted   16-Feb-2015  Vol 6  Issue 7
Forest vigil

Women’s groups in various villages have resolved to guard the forests in the Himalayan terrain of Lahaul valley, which, as Vishal Gulati found out, has kept poachers and wood cutters at bay

  Posted   16-Feb-2015  Vol 6  Issue 7
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adyar bakery
Mentoring Tamil Nadu

Popular Stories

Green cobblers

Inspired by a man making sandals out of used tyres in the US, Jay Rege and Jothsna came to India to turn eco-conscious shoemakers, launching ‘Paaduks’. The social entrepreneurs also share their profit with their cobblers, says Rohan Potdar

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Sandy wonders

If the word Goa evokes just images of raves, read on, you may end up in the land of sandy wonders soon. For, Renuka Singh’s list of the top 10 beaches informs us that Goa has something on offer for everyone, including those seeking solitude

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Saving girls

Her first attempt to save a 12-year-old girl from the clutches of an abusive father failed. But that propelled Renu Singh to turn a crusader for gender justice and rescue about 3,800 girls and women in over three decades, says Partho Burman

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Milky boom

The success of Milky Mist, a dairy company, is a story linked to the big dreams of T Sathish Kumar, a class 8 drop out. P C Vinoj Kumar tells us how a 16-year-old turned his father’s floundering business around by giving it a new identity

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Missing Nobel

Winner of many awards for his social work in Mumbai slums, Jockin Arputham missed the Nobel Peace in 2014. But for people whose life he changed through his dedication, he is indeed an ‘arputham’ (miracle, in Tamil), says Kavita Kanan Chandra

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Saviour on street

Whatever job he was in, S M Venkatesh saved abandoned people from the streets. Now, his Agal Foundation works with Helpage India, responding to distress calls, quickly and efficiently, as P C Vinoj Kumar found through a snap sting operation

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Saving children

Starting with a night shelter for children of sex workers, Prerana has come a long way providing support to women stuck in Mumbai’s red light district. Kavita Kanan Chandra retraces Priti Patkar’s 28-year journey that has saved many a child

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Good ball

To counter ‘guns and drugs’, a culture that he saw abroad, Chetan Misra mentors children through football, which he believes is a tool for social and holistic development. Through ‘TheFootballLink’, he promotes the game, says Partho Burman

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Bringing water

By reviving a traditional irrigation system, using modern techniques, an NGO, Gramya Vikash Manch, has channeled water to three parched districts of Assam, raising hopes of a bumper harvest

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Goals to score

From behind the veil, a group of Muslim girls in Mumbra dreamt big and have realised it. First, they learnt playing football, against all odds, and have set up a club. Now they have plans for intellectual pursuits, says Kamayani Bali-Mahabal

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