Boycott Sri Lanka campaign gains momentum in Australia


Posted 20 Oct 2014

Australian billionaire James Packer, son of late media mogul Kerry Packer, has agreed to watch ‘No Fire Zone’ the Emmy nominated British documentary that documents the mass slaughter of thousands of innocent Tamil civilians in the final months of the Sri Lankan civil war in 2009, the Tamil Refugee Council (TRC) said in a press release.

TRC has urged Packer to reconsider his plans to build a casino in Colombo

Packer’s Crown Resorts is planning to build a new casino in Sri Lanka.

According to TRC, Packer made the commitment to view the documentary at the Crown Resorts annual general meeting in Perth this week after he was questioned about the plan for a $450 million casino joint venture in Colombo.

He was presented with a copy of it by local refugee activist, Victoria Martin-Iverson. “My heart bleeds for people caught in conflicts,” Packer reportedly remarked.

“It‘s welcome news to hear that Packer is going to view No Fire Zones,” said Trevor Grant, TRC spokesman.

“When he sees it, he cannot fail but allow his heart to bleed for the 70,000 Tamils murdered by the Rajapaksa regime.

“When the British Prime Minister David Cameron viewed No Fire Zone before heading to CHOGM in Colombo last November, he said it was ‘one of the most chilling documentaries I’ve watched. It brings home the brutal end to the civil war and the immense suffering of thousands of innocent civilians. Many of the images are truly shocking’.”

“The sad thing about Sri Lanka is that the war has not stopped for Tamils,” said Grant.

“The Rajapaksa regime continues to torture, rape, murder and disappear Tamils. That’s why they flee the country in such numbers.

“By building a casino in Colombo Packer is helping launder the image of the man, and the government, responsible for these atrocities. “We urge him to reconsider. Hopefully he can see beyond the profit motive and allow his heart to bleed for the Tamils.” – TWL Bureau

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