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Super Sikh in turban ready to bash the bad guys

Washington 02 Mar 2015, Vol 6 Issue 9

There's a new superhero in town and he doesn't sport a cape, mask or wear embarrassing tights. He wears a turban and he fights the Taliban and is a huge Elvis fan.

Deep Singh or 'Super Sikh' is the brainchild of Oakland-based writer Eileen Alden and Silicon Valley executive, Supreet Singh Manchada, CBS reported. The pair launched a Kickstarter campaign early this year to "help bring the first turban Sikh super hero to life".

Deep Singh’s creators promise a new kind of hero - “a modern hero in a turban who loves Elvis and hates bad guys" (Photo: IANS)

In just 27 hours they had enough to produce the first issue.

By February, they exceeded their original goal of $5,000, raising more than $22,000.

Aldon and Manchada have brought in award-winning illustrator Amit Tayal, whose work has been published internationally.

The Kickstarter money ensures at least three issues of the series.

There are than 28 million Sikhs worldwide and about a half million living in the US.

According to comicbookreligion.com, there are already 20 turban-wearing Sikh heroes and villains in comic books.

The Kickstarter campaign says Deep Singh is a "skillful, smart and very well-trained British Special Air Service agent". That sounds a bit like James Bond. But Deep Singh’s creators promise a new kind of hero - “a modern hero in a turban who loves Elvis and hates bad guys” and “will uphold his Sikh values even while he is living in a modern world with all of its complexities”.

It is hoped that the comic will shed light on this 15th-century religion, perhaps one of the most misunderstood groups on the planet.

Machanda said he was bullied when he was a child, and that was one of the reasons he co-created this comic.

SuperSikh will be printed in English.

A digital version in Punjabi, Spanish and Mandarin will come later.

Super Sikh also has a Facebook page. - IANS

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