Vol 9 Issue 22, May 25, 2018 - May 31, 2018.


  • A free lunch

    A free lunch

    An ordinary simple middle class couple has been serving free lunch to 34 senior citizens in Mumbai since 2012. Somma Banerjjee finds out why Yvonne and Mark D’Souza are so selfless in service
      Posted      Vol 7 Issue 7
  • Traffic tamer

    Traffic tamer

    To prevent an accident, similar to the one that killed her daughter, 59-year-old Dorris Francis has been regulating traffic since last six years at the spot where a car rammed their auto. Partho Burman profiles the braveheart from Ghaziabad
      Posted      Vol 7 Issue 28
  • Benign borrow

    Benign borrow

    Entire India will soon come under the cover of Arogya Finance that lends money for the poor to go for medical treatment. Supported by social venture funds, Arogya is in nine States and has helped over 400 persons, says Kavita Kanan Chandra
      Posted      Vol 5 Issue 15
  • Towering cop

    Towering cop

    Serving in Rajkot Traffic Police, assistant sub-inspector Dhansukh Mensibhai Kachot discharges his duty without fear or favour. He has collected a record Rs 2.16 crore fine amount from traffic offenders in last 10 years, says Narendra Kaushik
      Posted      Vol 7 Issue 35
  • Kind chaperon

    Kind chaperon

    A school teacher’s dedication to prepare a few homeless girls for a better future by taking them under her wings completely received support from hawkers at Dum Dum railway station, which has given a new life to the girls, finds out G Singh
      Posted      Vol 7 Issue 11
  • Doctor Poor

    Doctor Poor

    A doctor extraordinaire, 33-year-old Sunilkumar Hebbi treats patients for free and has conducted over 650 medical camps in and around Bengaluru, benefitting 30,000 poor people. Usha Prasad tells us how a beggar inspired him to serve the poor
      Posted      Vol 7 Issue 6
  • Caring the carer

    Caring the carer

    People caring for patients in government hospitals often stay hungry. But a Good Samaritan acknowledges their service and takes care of them too by providing them food, says P C Vinoj Kumar
      Posted      Vol 7 Issue 5
  • Space to farm

    Space to farm

    In the US, Rikin Gandhi aspired to be an astronaut but landed in the pastoral fields of India to develop Digital Green, an initiative that helps farmers. He now feels “people can choose agriculture and be prosperous.” Partho Burman reports
      Posted      Vol 7 Issue 4
  • Master potter

    Master potter

    In a government school in Tamil Nadu, students are not just taught but trained to be achievers. Like a potter churning vessels from clay, the headmaster M Karunanithi shapes children from poor homes for big things. P C Vinoj Kumar checks out
      Posted      Vol 7 Issue 3
  • People's monk

    People's monk

    The Roti Bank, started by Tara Patkar and few others, has brought down begging in Uttar Pradesh’s Bundelkhand region. Narendra Kaushik tells us the story of the journalist-turned social activist who is changing the lives of the local people
      Posted      Vol 7 Issue 2
  • The app man

    The app man

    A school teacher from Rajasthan was toasted by the Prime Minister at the Wembley Stadium during his UK visit. Partho Burman has the story of the self-taught Imran Khan who has developed 54 education apps, besides some websites, all for free
      Posted      Vol 6 Issue 50
  • Road fixer

    Road fixer

    In the family that names children after freedom fighters, it was natural that he was called Gangadhara Tilak. But he continued the tradition of being a do-gooder, filling up potholes on roads, spending his own money and time, says S Sainath
      Posted      Vol 6 Issue 48
  • Rescue robot

    Rescue robot

    ‘Borewell robot’ that can save children from borewells will now be used by fire service and NDRF. Its innovator, a former plumber, built it after his son escaped death, says P C Vinoj Kumar
      Posted      Vol 6 Issue 47
  • Bridging villages

    Bridging villages

    Boatman Sheikh Lalchand of Kulia village in Howrah district has singlehandedly built a bamboo bridge across River Mudeswari, connecting people of three panchayats with the mainland. And the bridge has been rightly named after him, says G Singh
      Posted      Vol 6 Issue 47
  • Model village

    Model village

    Led by a woman, Zamin Devarkulam in Tamil Nadu is a model village for India. It has no fan club, party flag or liquor shop and many of its youth work abroad, says P C Vinoj Kumar, who was amazed by the security that CCTV cameras provide
      Posted      Vol 6 Issue 43
  • New life

    New life

    She has worked with women in distress in Mumbai and victims of Bhopal gas tragedy. Now, her New Light is a project that has pulled children of Kolkata’s red light areas out of darkness. G Singh met Urmi Basu, a social worker extraordinaire
      Posted      Vol 6 Issue 41
  • Schooling girls

    Schooling girls

    A former child worker, Zainab, is now an activist committed to children’s education. Azera Parveen Rahman tells us the story of empowerment of the 19-year-old girl from Chandora near Meerut
      Posted      Vol 6 Issue 37
  • War on porn

    War on porn

    Claiming that there is a link between increasing incidence of rapes and other acts of sexual perversion to pornography, Kamlesh Vaswani, a lawyer from Indore, is waging a battle to get a ban on porn websites. Partho Burman spoke to the man
      Posted      Vol 6 Issue 35
  • The transformer

    The transformer

    Irrigation wells, schools, a weavers’ cooperative and many such schemes have transformed villages in Maharashtra’s Sangli and Kolhapur districts. But Arun Chavan, the man behind it all, is not known outside the area, says Kavita Kanan Chandra
      Posted      Vol 6 Issue 32
  • Unsung IAS hero

    Unsung IAS hero

    A daily wage earner’s son, who could not attend college due to poverty, is among those going to Mussoorie this year for IAS training. P C Vinoj Kumar has the inspiring tale of the determined man who pursued his childhood dream to join IAS
      Posted      Vol 6 Issue 30
  • People’s bridge

    People’s bridge

    The new 225 feet long bridge across river Ghaggar, linking the villages of Panihari and Alikan in Haryana, is a model project. Costing Rs 1.5 crore, the bridge is an example of a people’s initiative, funded by the public, says Partho Burman
      Posted      Vol 6 Issue 29
  • Body blow

    Body blow

    A bodybuilder who won the world championship now lives in extreme financial stress, unable to train, but hanging on to his Mr. Olympia dream. P C Vinoj Kumar has the story of Rajendran Mani
      Posted      Vol 6 Issue 29
  • Friday, May 25, 2018