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Vol 7 Issue 21, May 20 - 26, 2016
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30 May 2016
Agitation in Manipur over ILP, salt adulteration 20:26 ( 28 May 2016 )
Army now confirms Hizbul leader held 20:23 ( 28 May 2016 )
Police register four cases of assault on Africans in Delhi 20:20 ( 28 May 2016 )
Sex determination test racket busted, eight held 20:18 ( 28 May 2016 )
Modi govt doesn't deserve Raghuram Rajan: Chidambaram 20:16 ( 28 May 2016 )
EC rescinds polls for two remaining TN assembly seats 20:15 ( 28 May 2016 )
Indian climber Sunita Hazara returns home from Kathmandu 20:14 ( 28 May 2016 )
CBSE class 10 results announced, girls again outshine boys 20:10 ( 28 May 2016 )
Narayanasamy next Puducherry chief minister 20:08 ( 28 May 2016 )
People using binoculars to spot 'achche din': Uttarakhand CM 20:23 ( 27 May 2016 )
Supreme Court refuses to stay NEET ordinance 20:21 ( 27 May 2016 )
Traders found adulterating iodised salt in Manipur 20:19 ( 27 May 2016 )
Six militants, soldier killed in escalating Kashmir terror violence 20:17 ( 27 May 2016 )
To prevent drinking water wastage, Haryana proposes task force 20:15 ( 27 May 2016 )
Attack on Nigerian nothing to do with racism: Hyderabad police 20:13 ( 27 May 2016 )
Obama makes historic trip to Hiroshima 20:10 ( 27 May 2016 )
Red Road turns green as Mamata takes over Bengal's reins again 20:08 ( 27 May 2016 )
Will not use potassium bromate, iodate in products: Bread makers 21:11 ( 26 May 2016 )
Moved on after Twitter-spat with Irani: Priyanka Chaturvedi 20:35 ( 26 May 2016 )
African envoys participate in event after assurances by India 20:32 ( 26 May 2016 )

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Poor’s banker

The son of a poor sweet shop owner, Chandra Shekhar Ghosh today sweetens the lives of women in poverty stricken homes with loans. G Singh traces the incredibly phenomenal rise of the founder of Bandhan Bank that has Rs.12,500 crore deposit now

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Chef Robot

A love for dosas led to two friends in college fabricate an automatic dosa maker that is making waves by enabling chefs roast the crispy dosas that they were earlier not able to make outside Tamil Nadu. Usha Prasad has the interesting story

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Nursing small towns

After experiencing the trials and tribulations of people from small towns and villages in seeking medical facilities, Dinesh Batra vowed to take specialised health care to smaller places. Today he is living his dreams, says Narendra Kaushik

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Fruity growth

From a poor fruit vendor’s son, who grew up eating jack fruit for snacks in an obscure Karnataka village, to owning a Rs 108 crore company making fruit flavoured ice creams in Mumbai, Srinivas Kamath has come a long way, says Somma Banerjjee

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Family lunch

When there is an eatery at every nook and cranny, why do people travel as far as 200 km for lunch in an obscure village near Erode? Usha Prasad brings the flavour of UBM Namma Veetu Saapaadu, served in a plantain leaf for the whole family

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Grit gets success

From selling samosas on Chennai streets to setting up his own pakora shop to owning a Rs 1.5 crore company supplying delicacies to five star hotels, J Haja Funyamin has come a long way. P C Vinoj Kumar captures the flavour of a success story

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Watershed innovation

Bhungroo in Gujarati means a hollow pipe. But Biplab Ketan Paul gave the word a new meaning by an innovation that has led to water availability, soil improvement and women empowerment, thus helping 14,000 farmers, says Kavita Kanan Chandra

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Momo monarchs

Two friends in Kolkata, keen on turning their culinary delight into business, rejected job offers in a campus interview to start a momo kiosk. Eight years on, their venture started with Rs.30,000 has grown into a Rs.100 Cr entity, says G Singh

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Model farmer

In a region known for farmer suicides and parched fields, Gudivada Nagaratnam Naidu returned to his roots, giving up a job, and went on to create a farm revolution. S Sainath visited Naidu’s farm near Hyderabad that’s even got an apple tree

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Quality of success

Aasife Biriyani, popular among Chennai’s foodies and sold through nine outlets, was dispensed from a pushcart 18 years ago. Founder Aasife Ahmed made it a Rs 70 crore turnover chain by just not compromising on quality, says P C Vinoj Kumar

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