Vol 8 Issue 3, Jan 13, 2017 - Jan 19, 2017.


  • Green guru

    Green guru

    A spiritual guru in saffron robes is the last man you would expect to get into a dirty river overflowing with sewage to clean it. But Balbir Singh Seechewal did just that to transform the Kali Bein beyond imagination, says Narendra Kaushik
      Posted      Vol 7 Issue 31
  • The protector

    The protector

    To pursue his passion for wildlife, Imran Siddiqui reared chicken and sold it on the streets of Hyderabad. T P Venu tracks the silent work of the green warrior who recently stopped construction of a road through a wildlife sanctuary with a PIL
      Posted      Vol 7 Issue 36
  • Cool relief

    Cool relief

    Overhearing a home tutor’s physics lecture to his son, Ashis Paul of Grey Dhaka designed a cooling devise, bringing relief to poor Bangladeshis reeling under heat without power, says G Singh
      Posted      Vol 7 Issue 24
  • River revival

    River revival

    Noyyal, the river that fed the fertile western Tamil Nadu, is today polluted and dry most of the time. To rejuvenate the dead Noyyal, Vanitha Mohan is on an eco-mission. P C Vinoj Kumar profiles her on the occasion of World Environment Day
      Posted      Vol 7 Issue 23
  • Another stork tale

    Another stork tale

    Fascinated by the rare Greater ‘Adjutant’ Stork in the fields on her way to school in Assam, Purnima Devi Barman grew up to learn that it has become rarer and launched a campaign to protect the species. Kavita Kanan Chandra tells the story
      Posted      Vol 6 Issue 44
  • Water saver

    Water saver

    Executing water conservation projects in over 4,200 locations is no joke. But Ayyappa Masagi has done that and more to save water, says Ruchita S, who drove 119 km to find out why the much honoured man is called a ‘Doctor of Dry Borewells’  
      Posted      Vol 6 Issue 38
  • Forest maker

    Forest maker

    Touched by the death of hundreds of snakes in a flood, a school boy started planting trees. Now, 36 years later, we have a forest in that island on the Brahmaputra. Partho Burman tells us Jadav Payeng’s story of determination and dedication
      Posted      Vol 6 Issue 17
  • Power of waste

    Power of waste

    Namakkal in Tamil Nadu is known for poultry, among other things. But not many know of a poultry owner generating electricity from chicken droppings, whose disposal was once a headache. P C Vinoj Kumar explains the innovation and the business
      Posted      Vol 5 Issue 13
  • Cracking on crackers

    Cracking on crackers

    This Diwali passed off without much noise in Mumbai, thanks to the noise raised by Sumaira Abdulali, founder of Awaaz, who has even taken on the sand mafia. She continues her fight despite facing physical attacks, says Kavita Kanan Chandra
      Posted      Vol 4 Issue 46
  • Teacher-activist


    Going beyond textbooks, Karpagam Ramalingam inculcates a sense of love for the environment among her students. Though she is sad that some trees planted by her students have been chopped, the 46-year-old soldiers on, says P C Vinoj Kumar
      Posted      Vol 4 Issue 45
  • Power saver

    Power saver

    The maker of ‘Superfan’ that consumes just about a third of the electricity other fans expend, Sundar Muruganandhan, is looking for investors to expand his plant to take his ‘i3’ award winning innovation to the masses, says P C Vinoj Kumar
      Posted      Vol 4 Issue 43
  • Young innovator

    Young innovator

    The eco cab that can be spotted on Chennai’s Marina is an environment-friendly public transport. But the youth who innovated it is also keen on making its operation economically viable. In fact, he brims with more ideas, says P C Vinoj Kumar
      Posted      Vol 4 Issue 37
  • Yeah, Yamuna

    Yeah, Yamuna

    Vimlendu Jha is a social activist with a difference. From Narmada to Chamoli to Yamuna, he has been everywhere, fighting. He now fights to clean up the Yamuna even as he runs a store in Hauz Khas selling up-cycled products, says Akash Bisht
      Posted      Vol 4 Issue 36
  • Scrap artistes

    Scrap artistes

    Sisters Radhika and Madhvi procure scrap from kabadiwalas, and turn them into chic products using their creative skills that were honed at FIDM in Los Angeles, says Kavita Kanan Chandra
      Posted      Vol 4 Issue 29
  • Back to nature

    Back to nature

    A five acre organic farm in the Himalayas is drawing people from around the world. For, it’s a dream of a father-daughter duo to create a model that would enable urban dwellers to reconnect with nature and learn about farming, says Akash Bisht
      Posted      Vol 4 Issue 32
  • Nothing shocking

    Nothing shocking

    Concern for environment is in his blood and it is only natural that Dhivik Reddy, whose father facilitated petrol cars to run on LPG, makes electric scooters. Now he waits for the lifting of speed limit on his scooters, says P C Vinoj Kumar
      Posted      Vol 4 Issue 30
  • Woody venture

    Woody venture

    Shubhendu Sharma from Uttarakhand has already created 23 urban forests in different parts of India by planting and growing 38,000 trees. P C Vinoj Kumar visits his project in the outskirts of Bangalore and finds the deep man-made woods lovely
      Posted      Vol 4 Issue 28
  • Natural pesticides

    Natural pesticides

    To combat pesky pests, horticulturist Shaan Lalwani suggests keeping specific plants in the house so that creepy crawlies can be kept at bay. Kavita Kanan Chandra finds out more from the youngster who literally grew up amidst pots and plants
      Posted      Vol 4 Issue 27
  • All from home

    All from home

    RUR, a green initiative by some homemakers in Mumbai, is a roaring success. Among other things, it made a cooperative’s retail outlets cut plastic bags by 70 per cent. Kavita Kanan Chandra tells us the full story, scripted by Monisha Narke
      Posted      Vol 4 Issue 24
  • PET couple

    PET couple

    When disposal of PET bottles is a challenge, a couple from Hyderabad has found a good use of the junked containers: Building walls. P C Vinoj Kumar tells us how they build houses with bottles
      Posted      Vol 4 Issue 22
  • Cycling pad

    Cycling pad

    An Auroville resident, Kathy Walkling, feels that women should switch over to washable sanitary napkins. She tells P C Vinoj Kumar about the cloth pads that she makes and their overall benefit for the user, the environment and the economy
      Posted      Vol 4 Issue 21
  • Herbal killer

    Herbal killer

    A young innovator from Tamil Nadu aspires to create 50,000 jobs by popularizing his herbal mosquito repellent, ‘Hermo’, which repels mosquitoes effectively but does not harm humans as it is non-allergic and non-toxic, says    P C Vinoj Kumar
      Posted      Vol 4 Issue 18
  • Wednesday, January 18, 2017